Before the Ash has Time to Settle

by Therapy Session



released November 9, 2009


all rights reserved


Track Name: Another Feeling
I’m giving up on you
I think that’s what you wanted me to do
Never again will I hold my breath
For a love that’s transient at best

Happiness is the life you buy
It doesn’t matter if it’s a lie
But my account is running thin
I’m running out of things to believe in

If you can’t find where you belong
Lose yourself in another sad song
When there’s no one left to love you
This feeling will give you something to belong to

I made another losing bet
It was all or nothing
So I doubled it up
And bet on someone trusting

Can’t you see that I can only lose
I’m the vessel and she’s the muse
Trade my happiness for another song
How long can this keep going on

Another feeling faded and gone
Turned into notes of another sad song
Turned into words on another blank page
These will last as her love will fade

So I’m behind a guitar
Or a blank page
Go ahead and destroy me
It will only create
Something for me to love
A feeling that seems like home
Go ahead and leave me
My true love will never leave me alone.
Track Name: The Fastest Route to the Same Place is a Circle
On a Cold Winter Night
I think about the year gone by
And i think this one, just might
Bring me someone right

But last year I had the same wish
And now as the ball drops there’s no one to kiss
And I thought this last one, she would be it
but now I’m back to feeling like this

Standing alone
outside in the cold

And someone says to me
You can’t give up so easily
Finding someone is tough
But you can’t ever give up

And I said:
I don’t think anyone could give up
On finding someone to love
I don’t think anyone could give up
On finding someone to love

It’s what drives us to go on
And as this year ends another’s begun
Track Name: The Wall & The Door
I’m waiting for something to go wrong
’cause I’m not used things going well for this long

I don’t know where this will go
And maybe I’m afraid to know

But when I think about walking away
Every piece of my body begins to break
It’s about god damn time for happiness
And I think I’m finally getting used to it

But I don’t know where this will go
And maybe I never wanted to know…
…So bad
To figure out exactly what it is we have

I don’t know where this will go
But baby I never wanted to know…
…So bad
exactly what it is we have
So I’ll stick around as long as I can
I hope you’ll stick around too as long as I am
Track Name: Walking with Scissors
It’s time to pick up the pieces that you left
Buried in my chest
I should have known from the empty heart locket around your neck
You could fill in the meaning as needed, but you just hold close your debt

It’s not that you want more
Just nothing at all
I couldn’t be more hopeless
You’d take nothing over my best

You don’t want a ring around your finger, tied to a chain
Then why are you so afraid, I’ll run away
You sell your stocks while they’re still rising, cause you’d rather chose
To give up something before it hurts too much to lose

You said I’m just a wall,
Then turn around, there’s a door
You want me to pour out my blood
To prove I’m not made of wood

Well I saw you reaching for the door
’cause the one thing you want even more
Than to have my heart on your sleeve
Is to go while it’s easy