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Burning Bridges & Building Walls

by Therapy Session

Silent Reply 04:05
I spent a whole year sleeping; dreaming Woke up shaking, screaming; crying I spent my whole life dying The moment I knew I loved you Was fallowed by the moment in which you said We could never see each other again I stopped reaching for something real Cause happiness is just something you feel I heard a silent reply When I said I loved you that night You’re always reaching for what you can’t grab I’m learning how to be happy with what I have. I’d sell my soul for a reason to live But no one will buy what you’re willing to give I heard a silent reply When I said I loved you that night I love you for all the ways you’re like me, but you hate yourself So I’d be better off if I was just anybody else It was a cold night for me You wore my sweatshirt and drew, as I sang I heard a silent reply I said I loved you, but it felt like good bye.
Fast 02:42
Live moment to moment Brings regrets Everyone knows You have no secrets Always looking for some Quick fix Or something to help you Forget And I tried To keep up with your life But there’s no time To let my heart catch up to my mind And you said it’s fun To make mistakes But don’t clean up the messes You make Always up for the gamble Ignore the stakes Ignore the guilt No matter how it aches And I tried Not to put up a fight But tonight I felt your bite You said I need to learn To let you do what you do. Well I hope me leaving Teaches this back to you ’cause you live so fast Always running from your past You live too fast How can anything ever last
Why is the love of one Not as good as another It’s harder every time To take a new lover These pills make me feel Like I did before we met Well I wouldn’t need them If I could just forget -you- Though the love of one Is not as good as another I’m living in Hollywood Might as well be an actor If you want happiness Just redefine it To fit Exactly what you get These pills make me feel Like I did before we met Well I wouldn’t need them If I could just forget -you- I’m the moth, you’re the moon City lights misguide from truth These pills make my body a liar I fly into the fire These pills just won’t do A cheap substitute It’s plain to see I’m better when you’re with me.
Peter Pan 03:52
The timing’s bad So this can’t last Is what you say When we’re talking I stuttered back Pressure in my chest Push me away ‘Cause I’m not walking Well it’s a shame I’ll need to change And try Live like I’m dying Because I’ll never be the same If you have to say Life’s too short To be waiting Maybe there’s a chance I’ll find something That is this Good again But you suggest That nothing is Ever as good As I pretend Well maybe I’m broken And these words I’ve spoken Are just naive Fantasies With this I’m coping But I was still hoping That you might believe In the same things So maybe I am Just peter pan Trying to hold A snow flake in my hands Maybe I am Just peter pan Trying to hold This snowflake in my hands What do you have Just a moment that will pass Then what’s the sense in making plans When you know nothing can last So maybe I can’t Stay peter pan Trying to hold This snowflake in my hands But I tighten my grasp Pray it will last If I close my eyes I can believe anything.
Getting on a plane It’s a happy day ’cause I’m on my way To see my baby Everyone’s packed their dearest things Tucked them underneath the seats On their way from, or back home It’s nice to arrive and so sad to go Well my baby, showers me with kisses Two for all the ones I’ve been missing While a girl leaving has tears down her face And I know soon I’ll be in her place But for now I’ll pretend this is how Things will always be Even though I know, I’ll have to leave And when I get back on that plane It’ll be such a sad day But we both know What comes will go And goodbye’s and hello’s Always seem to follow
Well I found what I was looking for And I wouldn’t dare ask for more But I have no closure and no crystal ball And everything feels like it’s about to fall apart A man says to me “I fucked up” I married the wrong woman, one that I’ll never love As much as the girl I loved in my youth I was young and stupid. I was a fool Now I lay in bed every night Feeling nothing for this woman that I call my wife He says “don’t let go of love, and live without regret” I said, that’s great advice, but life’s more complicated. In our search for meaning we gamble with our happiness And like any other bet, it’s just a guess So do I stay or do I walk away Only time will tell if I made a mistake Of course I don’t want to live with regret Always wishing things were different That’s why I try so hard not to disconnect Holding onto hope, till there’s nothing left If I knew I’d forget you in a year It wouldn’t be so god damn hard when you decided to disappear But I know I will never forget And every new disappointment brings this old regret It’s easy to walk away if you’ll be happy again But what if it turned out you were my only chance So I stay tied to uncertainty Till I find a reason you will never love me I hope you’re being honest with yourself ’cause you know your lies won’t hurt as much to anyone else And if you want to build a wall where a connection was made Well then I hope you’ll be happy in your barricade Of course you don’t want to live in regret Always wishing things were different But you’re the one trying to disconnect So don’t get mad at me when there’s nothing left You pushed me aside, but if you want me gone Just tell me you felt nothing for me all along And I hope you’re honest, and that’s the truth Or you’ll wake up feeling nothing for the person next to you
Stay 01:03
I wanted you to say, You love me so But when your lips moved They only said no I waited for the day When I’d feel like home But you packed your bags, Said you’re better off alone And I wanted you to stay Or take me on the road I was hanging on your leg You said I had to let go.
Change 04:13
My heart isn’t in this And I keep checking my phone Something about a crowd of people That makes me feel so alone And I wish you’d call to take me away I know you won’t though That’s why I’m in this place And I feel like a loser She says I’m not Then why can’t I ever Get what I want? and I’ll try to leave myself Behind In the hopes that there’s something Better that I can find I stand on a scale And I look in the mirror I want to be so thin That I disappear So I don’t eat Till I see my bones Just so I can feel Something other than feeling alone I’d take the life That everyone else suggest If I thought it would Bring me some happiness So when you find what you’re missing I hope it’s not something you lost ‘cause we sell pieces of who we were So we can grow up I’ll strip myself down Piece by piece I hope I’m not what you were missing ‘cause there’ll be nothing left of me
Sand 03:47
We thought we were a stained glass window To make sense of this But all of these broken pieces They can’t always fit And I hoped when I stepped back I would find A beautiful image Exposed in the light But there’s no beauty to uncover And I keep stepping back Sometimes when you mix all the colors It just goes to black And though I thought I might be Making a mistake I put my blinders on And I went straight So lets stay under the covers It’s warm in your bed And the sooner we leave it The sooner this ends Intrigued by what you may discover But I’m not your man Sometimes you want a lover But you take what you can I don’t blame us for trying But we’re further from completion than you know Someday someone will take all these pieces And see where they go But we’re not that noble window I could see as you ran We’re just looking though an hour glass And we are the sand.
Adapt 03:35
I know You want to feel complete And I’m callous Love will trample the weak And there’s no changing needs But plans have to adapt My heart still beats But my veins are filled with sand And I’ll take what comes easy And go with the flow I’ve become a mirror To every emotion you show But I’m empty And this is all just an act Emotions got too heavy And I just had to adapt.
Oh, it would be easier If it was the other way around ’cause I could have the smile And you could have the frown Why do they always grow tired of me Why do they always grow tired of me Oh, it would be easier If it was the other way around ’cause I could have the smile And you could have the frown I wouldn’t be feeling So down Why can’t it be The other way around Why do they always grow tired of me Why do they always grow tired of me Nothing’s meant to be And you’ll grow tired of me Baby in time you’ll see There’s plenty of reasons to leave -me-


Therapy Session's debut album, released in 2009.


released November 1, 2009


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