Damaged Romantics

by Therapy Session



released April 20, 2012

All music written, performed, produced and mastered by Joel Michalak


all rights reserved


Track Name: I'm the Romantic
Well I could go chasing perfume and lace

Find some other girl with a pretty face

Tell her all the things that she’d want to hear

Go through all the motions till they almost felt real

But a kiss would mean nothing

Unless they’re your lips

I could fake the actions,

But no passion could exist

Well I never had a problem keeping my feet on the ground

But my head is always spinning when you are around

So all those other girls must be doomed

‘cause you’re all I can see when you walk in the room

So a kiss would mean nothing

Unless they’re your lips

I could fake the actions,

But I couldn’t fake this…

…this feeling I get

…So give me one more kiss

A kiss would mean nothing

Unless they’re your lips

There would be no passion

Or this feeling of bliss

My lips would move

But my heart wouldn’t race

Unless those lips were

Were the ones on your face

(so no one’s taking your place)
Track Name: Powdered Cement
When we met

You wanted to know

If for your garden

I had seeds to sow

So when the spring came

In they went

But nothing had bloomed

As the Summer’s sun set

What we got

I wanted it to grow

So I planted all my seeds

But now they’re set in stone

See there was no soil

It was all powdered cement

So all the water that I poured

It only made it set

So please tell me

I need to know

Did you ever want to see

This garden grow

So please tell me

Before you go

Was it always the plan

to pave a road

I watched the seasons change

While standing by your side

So tell me was it always the plan

Or had I changed your mind
Track Name: Cynics & Fools (Damaged Romantics Pt. 1)
He was a sales man with a plastic smile

As much a lover as a liar

She loved her day dreams more than her man

So she got her heart broken again and again

I said don’t idealize a moment in time

They’re never as good as they are in your mind

If it was love it would have shown

When forever, together you would have grown

But love means you never pretend

That you own what’s placed in your hands

And you gave your all, but that fool just couldn’t grasp

That an unfuled fire burns out fast

So when the smoke cleared you were covered in ash

But I saw a good woman even through all the mess

You were a skeptic when I kissed your lips

Said, “You’re only boarding a sinking ship.”

But that night your heart beat as strong as mine

You said, “It’s bound to fade in due time

Us romantics become cynics and fools

A tragedy I can’t repeat so soon.”

So I know I wasn’t in your plans

But I’m going to do all that I can

To not just be a man from your past

’cause we’re both damaged, but we’re built to last
Track Name: I'm the Fool (Damaged Romantics Pt. 2)
This doesn’t have to be tragic

No more lovers made of plastic

No more hearts made of stone

I’m no former lover

So don’t you see me like the others

But if you can’t love me, just say so

’cause if you’re running

From something I’ve done

Well baby, I’ll let you go

But if you’re just leaving

So history’s not repeating

Well, you need to know

Our hearts are of the same fabric

We’re both damaged romantics

With no place to call home

So I hope again your kiss I’ll feel

Once your heart’s had time to heal

Then away we’ll go

(and our love can grow)

But I’m the fool I know

I’m the fool I know

The fire’s gone cold

So it’s time to go

You can’t love me and it shows

So the fool and cynic switch roles

And on it goes

And on and on it goes.