Missed Connections & Casual Encounters

by Therapy Session



released May 4, 2011

All music written, produced and performed by Joel Michalak except
Fay Wolf lead vocals on Waiting.
Puppy Luv: written, produced and performed by Joel Michalak, Carlos Landaverde and Simon Brown
The Dog: Lyrics by Joel Michalak. Written by Joel Michalak and Carlos Landavede, produced and performed by Joel Michalak, Carlos Landaverde and Simon Brown
It Could be Brighter: Written, produced and performed by Joel Michalak and Simon Brown.
Fast: Written by Joel Michalak. Produced and performed by Joel Michalak, Simon Brown and Carlos Landaverde


all rights reserved


Track Name: Waiting (ft. Fay Wolf)
When we met
would you have guessed
That I would fall for you
But you had a man
so we were friends
and I was waiting on you

But when that was done
and he was gone
I was waiting on you
cause you moved on
to that ditzy blonde
What else could I do?

Well timing always
seems to get in the way
but I won’t give up
you’ll be mine someday

we would have broken up
If I had thought
I had chance with you
was it not a joke
when you wrote that note
said “come back to my room”

It was rough
she wasn’t good enough
to be with you
but I thought
it was what you want
so I gave up on you

Well timing always
seemed to get in the way
but I won’t give up
you’ll be mine someday

The wait seems like forever
but someday soon
when the starts align
we’ll dance under the moon
we’ll wake up together
start the day new
time will make it even better
I’m just waiting on you

What about
if we kissed right now
would that be okay to do
Glad you brought it up
I had just that thought
I’m just waiting on you
Track Name: Abstract
Her letter said
I’ll leave my keys outside your door
I loved you then
But I feel nothing anymore

and we were blessed
that out of chance we had met
but you could’ve guessed
that these two paths would split again

remember when
this felt like nothing you felt before
but then
we grow tired of what we adore

so happiness
will never be constant
but happiness
is just an abstract concept

so you’re always chasing
some new meaning
because you’re always losing
what you once believed in

so I’ll start again
there are so many prospects
I loved you then
but love’s an abstract concept
Track Name: The Dog
I don’t want you to think
That I’m looking for your sympathy
I don’t want anything
that you can offer me

and I’ll be fine
I’ll cut all the ties
do what’s best for you
I’m gone when the welcome’s through

you treat me like a dog
down on his luck
think I’ll do tricks for your love
or am begging for a pity fuck

but I’ll be fine
you’re just a waste of time
and I’ll be gone
before the morning comes

well I feel bad for leaving
while you were sleeping
but it didn’t seem like you
cared if I stayed

and there are things about you
I love and still do
But those had gone away
call me when, you’re willing to change

but you’ll never change
and I’ll never change
Track Name: It Could be Brighter
It’s a shame to see you shiver
I could see your heart growing cold
summer’s gone and another winter
reminds me we’re getting old

you’re always looking for a connection
when you’re staring at the stars
reaching out for another’s hand
oh, in between the bars

and the brightest part of your days
are just pixels on a screen
well I hope your eyes do wander
and you’ll fix them onto me

but you’re always overwhelming your senses
to forget how you feel
always have your favorite singers
singing in your ears

and they’re always talking about love
that you wish you could call your own
oh come on baby, just look up
welcome home
Track Name: Fast (acoustic)
Live moment to moment
Brings regrets
Everyone knows
You have no secrets
Always looking for some
Quick fix
Or something to help you

And I tried
To keep up with your life
But there’s no time
To let my heart catch up to my mind

And you said it’s fun
To make mistakes
But don’t clean up the messes
You make
Always up for the gamble
Ignore the stakes
Ignore the guilt
No matter how it aches

And I tried
Not to put up a fight
But tonight
I felt your bite

You said I need to learn
To let you do what you do.
Well I hope me leaving
Teaches this back to you

’cause you live so fast
Always running from your past
You live too fast
How can anything ever last