Pt. 1: Perception


Whispers from God in your dreams
Told you you're where you need to be
That must feel so comforting
But it's not something I could believe

-Though it's everything you need-

You said we can't be all alone
We can't just be flesh and bone
We need a place where we belong
Even when we're dead and gone

You found a lover; makes you feel weak in the knees
You went out and bought a diamond ring
You bought the house; had the family
But I never bought the American Dream

-Though it's everything you need-

Now you'll never be alone
You have a lover to call you home
If I need a place to belong
I'll just write another song

No place has ever felt like home
So it's always easy for me to go
You’re probably lucky if you can't understand
Why I'd rather hold a guitar than a lovers hand


from Being Analytical Will Make You Better at Everything but Being Happy: a user guide on converting your emotions into binary code, released October 11, 2016
Back up vocals: Jean Marrie Delkhaste
Everything else: Joel Michalak


all rights reserved