Pt. 2: Perspective


I taught you to swim
And you let me drown
I gave her my heart
And she shot me down
Now when you draw blood
I just paint the stars
'cause we're all connected
By these scars

Love never seems real in memories
I always wake from nightmares at the end of dreams
I loved that feeling while in your arms
So now I try to play it on my guitar

I write songs
No one wants to hear
'cause I'm full of pain
No one wants to feel
It’s another drug
To substitute
That feeling that
I had with you

But nothing feels as real
As self-deceit
I lie to myself
While you lie with me
"All you need is love,"
Was your solution
But it's always come
With some delusion

Chase a feeling
You can never keep
From broken hearts
To broken strings
Film and paint
Tape and clay

Try to hold onto a moment
That got away

I want to believe
Something good can last
But there's no proof of it
In my past
All I've built
Gets torn apart
My connection to you
Is a work of art



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