Pt. 2: Perspective


All I have is what I'm dealt,
I do my best to build a house
And who walks in makes it a home
But that's something you cannot own

No, you’ll never have it all
This house of cards is bound to fall

What killed the cat is all I have
Keeping me from choosing death
Tarot cards and crystal balls
May lead to scales with grim results

‘cause I’ll know I'll never have it all
Must find happiness in faults
But how much is enough
To keep me from giving up

It's only chance and circumstance
You’ll find happiness and romance
But we're only entitled to a death
And that card up my sleeve may be all I have left

I can’t say
I wouldn’t walk away
‘cause I know
There may be a time when I’ll choose to go.


from Being Analytical Will Make You Better at Everything but Being Happy: a user guide on converting your emotions into binary code, released October 11, 2016
Drums: Carlos Landaverde
Everything Else: Joel Michalak


all rights reserved