Pt. 1: Perception


What you’ve got, I want
But not enough to change
This puzzle’s a jigsaw
With one flaw
It’s easy to rearrange

-and rearrange-

So I pushed it all away
I just pushed it all away
'cause when you have it all,
it feels like a cage
So I pushed it all away

What you saw
Were the lines you'd draw
When I was only blank
I was whole before
I was told there's more
And was put in my place

-I must be put in my place-
-But I can't stay in one place-

So I ran away
I just ran away
I might as well lie in my grave
If I have to stay in one place

Well, if I had never known
That I was all alone
Would I long to know
What it feels like to call you home

What I said before It can't be either/or
There must be something between

'cause it means so much more
When there's an open door
Yet you stay with me



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