Pt. 2: Perspective


Well no one knows how we got into this mess
But they're eager to tell you, how you ought to live
An explosion or a plan
Neither explanation would change who I am

And you're still searching for why we exist
'cause it's hard when you feel lonely on this big planet
With the vastness of space and you're still stuck here
And you think an explanation would change how I feel

But when I'm with her I don't care if planets collide
I need no other reason for being alive

I'm just grateful for every breath
From the vastness of space to the emptiness
That would chill through my bones
And leave me with this weight
It’s all been lifted,
She always takes its place

So I'll take every breath into my lungs
Be grateful for every moment that comes
Because she's reason enough to need another day
She’s reason enough,
But she went away

So I guess I'll subscribe that it's all left to chance
‘cause it all seems pointless without her in the plan


from Being Analytical Will Make You Better at Everything but Being Happy: a user guide on converting your emotions into binary code, released October 11, 2016
Drums: Carlos Landaverde
Everything else: Joel Michalak


all rights reserved