Pt. 1: Perception


I spent my life
Trying to do what's right
But a gift just might
Be a burden too
I made you my wife
When you just wanted one night
To let the loneliness subside In you

So now I do my best to never start the fire
'cause I lack control over my desires
I dream together, we could leave
But just my imagination runs away with me

I miss the touch
But not enough
To dig what's buried up in me
And if you called my bluff
That I could never love
Don’t you dare crush
What I hid deep

I used to lay my heart at your feet
But now I'd rather turn and retreat
If I love you, I never want to burden you
So I will spend my days in solitude

I missed the chance
At that second glance
I should have advanced
But it feels doomed
Don't repeat the past
Even the sun won't last
But the heat is back
With the morning dew



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