Building Houses

by Therapy Session



This was the first official release from Therapy Session.


released November 8, 2007

All songs written by Joel Michalak. Produced and performed by Joel Michalak and Brant Nolan.


all rights reserved


Track Name: This Far
I’m at the cross roads again
Decisions are hard, but at least this is not the end
And I’m sure we’re all glad we made it this far
Even if we never thought we’d be who we are
I guess I’m doing fine
I’m still alive
And as long as I have that
For everything else there’s at least a chance

And I wanted to thank everyone who got me this far

For everyone who ever showed me love
Without you I would have given up
And everyone who ever hurt me
You taught me what I never want to be
And I hope you can learn the same
And find it within yourself to change

But I wanted to thank everyone for making me something I like to be

I wanted to thank everyone who got me this far
Track Name: Stones
Maybe it’s cold of me to be
So unaffected
But I’ve disconnected

I guess growing up just means
Finding a way
To deal with pain

This house I built is not your home

Guest come and they go
Glass houses filled with stones
We learn to give and take
Well some of us break

This house I built is not your home
It’s mine
And I can burn it down anytime

You’ve come but you’ll go
And when we’re done throwing stones
We’ll see who gives and who takes
But I’ll always break
Track Name: Goldfish
Look at my
Beautiful mess
What have I
Done to deserve this
And you try
To do your best
Then you find
Yourself in a beautiful mess

You’ll have an ideal in mind
But I confess
I’m so glad to put that behind
‘cause life’s a beautiful mess
And you’ll fuck up too sometime
So learn how to forgive
I was so afraid to die
I was afraid to live

I want to forget the pain sometimes I wish
But I’m so glad that we’re not goldfish.